Asian Skincare Blogs

I could not have learned so much about Asian skincare without the following blogs/websites. You’ll notice that I link to pages from them quite often. These women were instrumental in teaching me about skincare and products, so I want to acknowledge their expertise and give you some more reading material!

Fiddy Snails at . I read her posts religiously, as she and I have similar taste in products. She introduced me to my favorite product of all time, the Banila Co. Miss Flower and Mr Honey Cream!

Chel at Her posts are incredibly technical and amazing. She knows what ingredients do and how they interact with other ingredients. She even has her own store because she makes skincare products! I am currently using her Shark Sauce serum and it’s incredible.

Snow at . Snow’s blog is a wealth of information: from suggested skincare routines based on skin type to in depth discussions of skin ph, I highly recommend going and searching around on her blog.

Tracy at Tracy has a PhD in history; I feel a connection to her in some ways because of her academic training. But really, I just find her writing humorous, and I love when she uses academic research in her reviews. The blog is a wealth of information; she’s been using Korean skincare for awhile.

Kerry at This is truly a comprehensive site in terms of reviews, studies, and the latest in Asian skincare. Her post on the moisture barrier is a must read for anyone who has skin.