Why Korean Skincare?

So, I went over my skin woes in my first post. So, why Korean skincare? Why not just use better Western products instead of ones that hurt my face? Well, you certainly can. And I do still use several Western products in my routine. (Hellooooo SW Basics oil cleanser!) But there are several key reasons why Korean skincare–well, to be accurate, Asian skincare–has found its way into my heart.

First of all, many of the products are much more gentle on the skin. Rather than harsh toners that are almost all alcohol (*coughcoughCliniquecough*), most Korean skincare products make my face feel really good after they’re put on. [The one exception I’ve found is the Son and Park Beauty Water, which I will definitely review because it’s the only K-beauty product I’ve returned.] My skin is clearer, more hydrated, and less dull than it was before. I literally smile when I put some of the products on. Could I find equally as nice Western products? Maybe. But wait, there’s more.

My second reason is closely related to the first: the method of application of Korean skincare products reveals some of the philosophies behind the skincare. The directions to apply Asian skincare products is to lightly tap the product into your skin. That’s right–smearing or rubbing products is not advocated. The reason given is that tapping helps the product absorb better into the skin. It’s very gentle and pleasant feeling. This, paired with the masks (either wash off or sheet-style) makes Korean skincare much more…deliberate. You spend time with yourself, closely watching your skin, paying attention to it. (But not really in that critical way where you have out a magnifying glass searching for imperfections.)

This brings me to my third reason. The adaptability and personalization of a Korean skincare routine is practically limitless. There are so many products at various price points for any number of skincare types and concerns. Again (sorry, Clinique. I know some people like you) the Clinique 3-step is a terrible idea. There’s no way that those three products in various formulations can work for every type of skin.

Moreover, people often have so many other skin concerns and those concerns can and do change throughout the year. The idea of a “skincare wardrobe” is covered by two of my favorite K-beauty bloggers, Fiddy at Fifty Shades of Snail and Cat at Snow White and the Asian Pear.

Basically, the idea is that once you begin paying closer attention to your skin, you can see that it has different needs on different days. Having a variety of products–and you may not use each one every day–will allow you to customize your daily routine to your skin’s needs. Now, this isn’t to say you have to drop serious money in order to do this. You don’t. You can keep your routine as simple as you need or want. It just so happens that I, like Bartleby the Scrivener, prefer not to.

My fourth and final reason is that I find Korean skincare to be fun and relaxing. I enjoy all parts of it: the researching of products, reading reviews, hunting for the best deal, and, of course, putting it on my face. Heck, even many of the packages are cute. This really fits my personality (I’m a collector and a researcher) and it helps me destress. Yep, I find the whole process soothing. My nightly routine is especially soothing, and it has helped me sleep better at night. My stress levels have gone down in general, which in academia is almost unheard of, and I would not change that for anything.

Need more convincing? Ask your concerns and I will try to answer them for you!

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