Tips and Tricks: Organizing and Storing Your Samples

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. My trip was about 3 weeks long, and I had loads to catch up on when I returned. I used up a lot of samples during my trip, but still have loads left. It’s like they multiply when I’m not looking.


When I first ordered skincare from Asia, I couldn’t believe they came with samples. I love it! But over time, they became tiresome to remember to use, and they quickly piled up. On top of having too many foil samples, there’s the problem of storing them. I used to keep them in a box, but the problem became out of sight, out of mind. They just stayed in the box and half would be expired by the time I got around to opening it to try some.

I needed something that would remind me to use the samples and would also help me organize them by type (cleanser, essence, moisturizer, etc.). Then I found the perfect organizer that, as an added bonus, became the perfect thing to hold my headbands.

What is this magical object?

A hanging jewelry organizer.


With clear plastic fronts, I can clearly see the samples, and the pockets make it easier to separate them by category.


The loops are made for necklaces, but are perfect for my headbands.


I hang this near my vanity, and every time I grab a headband, I’m reminded that the samples exist. Overall, I think it has really helped me use up my samples more often.

If you’re interested, here are some similar items:

Amazon $10

Target $11

Bed, Bath & Beyond $17

How do you organize your samples?


4 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks: Organizing and Storing Your Samples

  1. I like this idea! I use the little 3×3 trays and divide the samples by type. I have a quirk though, that compels me to separate my Sulwhasoo samples as a subset unto itself. I don’t even know why, smh.

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