Review: The Kocostar Moisture Mask Line

As you know by now, I buy lots of crap for my face. I treat the skin on my face like royalty. The rest of me? Meh. I slap on some lotion after a shower, but I definitely don’t do 1/16 of what I do for my face, in part because I don’t have the time!  I’d never be able to leave my house. Haha.

Still, beauty companies are not ones to miss a chance to expand the concept of face sheet masks and make them for various body parts. There are, actually, breast sheet masks and others for various, uh, private areas, but I won’t be reviewing any of those today.

Back in June (eep! these reviews are way overdue), Kocostar kindly sent me a pack of their masks for various parts of the body, and I’ve been using them here and there over the course of the past 5 months. To be fair, I did want to wait with some of them so that I could use them when the weather got colder and my skin got drier.

Overall, I think hand, leg, and foot sheet masks are a nice treat that can give you a spa-like feel at home. It’s nice to treat more skin than just your face! I could see a basket of these being a fun present for someone.

You can find all of the following at


Kocostar Face Spot Mirror Patch (pimple patches)



Ok, these aren’t quite a mask, but they got sent along with the others, so they’re getting reviewed!

These are basically the Kocostar version of pimple patches. Basically, this is a thin plastic disc that covers and protects a blemish to keep you from touching it and to keep more bacteria from bother it. The patches have salicylic acid and tea tree oil to help heal the skin and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate.

What I like about the Kocostar patches is the packaging, which definitely sets it apart from other brands.

These are great for travel or for keeping in your purse–there’s a mirror included!

I love the mirror: it makes it easy to keep this in your purse or gym bag, so you have them whenever you need them.

It comes with three packets inside.
In each packet is one of these. There are 2 different sizes, 12 patches total.

The reason I’d be fine using one of these on the go, in public, is that these are soooo thin! These might actually be the thinnest pimple patches I’ve used. I have found them great for wear out/ under makeup. I keep one on as long as I can, and they definitely help reduce blemishes in size and redness.

Price: $7

Verdict: Would repurchase


Kocostar Home Salon Hair Pack



This hair pack is a cut cloud-shaped hair net that works much like a shower cap except the inside is drenched in essence.


Unfortunately, it didn’t work so well for me. I found it impossible to get my hair in the cap because I flipped my head over to put my hair in first, but the white, creamy essence in the mask made it hard to shove my hair in there. I’m not sure it would have been better to just pull it onto my head.

Once I wrangled it on, it was hard to spread the stuff around evenly on my hair. It was sort of a mess and difficult to feel comfortable wearing. Making it worse, the tape didn’t hold well.

After leaving it on for about 15 minutes and then rinsing the essence off, I felt like I might as well just use conditioner.

One good thing: the essence smelled lovely! It was a light, fresh scent.

Price: $8

Verdict: Would not repurchase


Kocostar LongBoots Fitting Pack



I’ve never seen masks for your legs before! You have to pull off the perforated top, which keeps the essence from spilling out everywhere. There’s the plastic outer shell and then inside is a thin, gauzy layer that is soaked in white, creamy essence.


Then you slip them on your legs. These are held on by three sticky tabs, which worked well. I have to say, these were interesting. First, I was happy my legs fit and they were easy to put on.









However, after a few minutes, my legs got warm!!! I started to worry that I was having a reaction. I gave it a few minutes and it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t keep them on for the full 15 minutes. I’m wonder if my legs were sensitive from shaving that morning.

After I took of the masks, though, my legs weren’t red or irritated. In fact, after I massaged in the rest of the essence, they felt amazing and super soft. They stayed that way through the next day.

I think I would give these another try; I think the warmth might come from the fact that my leg was essentially wrapped in plastic, which trapped my body heat.

Price: $12

Verdict: I might repurchase.

Kocostar Hand Moisture Pack



I don’t know about you, but my hands suffer in the winter; I am always applying lotion. So, I was pleased with the results of the Hand Moisture Pack. The gloves were quite large, but that was fine since I couldn’t do much anyway while wearing them, and this ensures more people can use them!

The two gloves come attached at the wrist seam, and you pull them apart, which they did easily. The tape tab at the wrist stayed well, although it was definitely interesting trying to get the second glove on. It seemed like the same essence that was in the rest of the line; it had the same scent.


I left them on for about 15 minutes, and rubbed in the leftover essence. Afterward, my hands were so soft and hydrated. The softness lasted all day, through numerous hand washings. Definitely a really nice treat.

Price: $5

Verdict: Would Repurchase

Kocostar Nail Art Starter

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.34.28 AM
I somehow lost my photo of the packaging, so here’s a shot from the Kocostar website.

These hand masks are basically exactly the same as the Hand Moisture Masks except  that you can pull off the finger tips off of these! They’re meant so you can do your nails while the rest of your hands get pampered! I’m not big into nail polish, but I could see taking one off so you could still use your phone and scroll through Instagram to pass the time….


Unfortunately, because there were more perforations in the gloves, there was a bit of essence residue on the inside of the package when I opened it. Still, it worked well and my hands stayed soft, much like the Hand Moisture Mask.

Price: $5

Verdict: Would not repurchase (I don’t do my nails!)


Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack


My poor feet very much need some TLC. I actually used this a few weeks after the Foot Peeling Pack, which I’ll review next. As it turns out, this is basically the Long Boots Fitting Pack or Hand Moisture Mask, just for just your feet. Same essence, same scent.

The boots are connected, but separating them is easy.
It’s got the same mesh lining as the others.


They have a pretty good fit, although the top folded down sort of lower than I expected. I ended up putting socks over them so they would stay in place. I left them on for about 25 minutes and rubbed in the essence after. Wow! My heels stayed soft for days after. This was a really nice treatment.

Price: $5

Verdict: Would Repurchase 


Kocostar Foot Peel

I put this one last so you wouldn’t have to scroll through the pictures to get to the rest of the reviews. Ha! You can just skip them if you want to. YOU’RE WELCOME.


I used this towards the end of summer, when my feet were kind of gross from sandals. I used it on a Saturday, and I left the booties on for about 2 hours, which is more than the directions state but I wanted to be sure that it was going to take. (The booties looked pretty much like the ones for the Moisture Foot Pack.)

The essence in the peeling pack contains a bunch of AHAs and other actives that, when left on the skin for a long time, will encourage your skin to slough off the dead skin cells. Gross! But very, very satisfying.


To help the shedding process along, I soaked my feet each night for about 20 minutes. The tops of my feet started to peel on Tuesday, and by Thursday, both of my feet were in full shedding mode.

I definitely wore socks all day every day, even while sleeping, so that I wouldn’t gross out Mr. Sir. By the following Sunday (so, just over a week), it was done.

Here is the final result:

Oooh, look how soft and smooth and not gross!

I’ve done a few foot peels and the Kocostar one was the most effective.

Price: $9

Verdict: Will repurchase


Overall, the Kocostart line has some nice masks for the body; I definitely encourage you to check them out!


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