Review: Canvas Fragrance Primer

I’m taking a step away from skincare for a second to do a review of a new product in the fragrance world: the Canvas Fragrance Primer by Canvas and Concrete. I know, I know, there’s seemingly a primer for everything now, but this one actually fills a need.

I have recently gotten into perfume, especially the amazing Jo Malone line. I love her stuff, but find that it fades quickly. I don’t mind re-spraying, but it when you shell out a fair amount of money for a bottle of perfume, you want it to last you as long as you can.

A Facebook friend (who actually is an expert on smells) posted about the Canvas and Concrete Perfume Primer, and I pounced on it to see if it actually worked. (Truly, I do buy crap so you don’t have to.)

Simple, unassuming packaging.


Ingredients: SD alcohol, Aloe Vera leaf juice, butylene glycol, acrylates/acrylamide copolymer, tocophenyl acetate (vitamin E acetate), Cucurris Salivus (cucumber) fruit extract, Chamomila Recutita flower leaf (Chamomile) extract and water

The Product Claims:

“1. Lasts all night: Having a natural barrier between your scent of choice and your skin, reduces the amount of absorption into your body, therefore allowing the scent to stay on the surface… supplying the lovely aroma to you and your loved ones all night long.

2. Keeps the scent honest: By applying a primer to your skin before adding your perfume or cologne, the scent will not mix with your ph or body funk and ensures the scent is true to what you smelled in store or in a magazine and what the designer intended.” (Canvas and


The (Personal) Evidence:

I was initially skeptical about the first claim and intrigued by the second. Turns out, my personal experience verified both.


I sprayed just one wrist with the primer so I could compare scent longevity with Jo Malone’s Earl Gray and Cucumber cologne. I love the scent because its so soft and does smell like tea to me but find that it fades very quickly.

Just sprayed on.


The primer smells faintly of alcohol, but any scent dissipates quickly. It took about a minute to dry down; you couldn’t tell it was there except that my skin was somewhat shiny.



I sprayed the Jo Malone on each wrist and went about my day. After a few hours, I smelled each wrist. The wrist that I had used the primer on had a much stronger scent than the one that did not. I checked a few hours later: same result.

In fact, the next morning, while it was very faint, I could still smell the Jo Malone on the wrist with the primer, whereas it was completely gone on the other wrist.

I tested this yet again with TokyoMilk Dark Tainted Love No. 62. It’s a sweet, warm vanilla scent that fades after about two hours on my skin, so it was another perfect scent to test the primer on.

The primer held the scent about four times as long as the wrist without did.

Honesty in scent: 

I don’t *think* I’ve had too many experiences where a scent smells wildly different on me than the bottle, although to be honest, I’ve only begun in my perfume journey so my lack of experience might be showing here.

So, for this test I used another Jo Malone scent, this one from her newest line, Jo Loves. The scent is White Rose and Lemon Leaves, combining my two most favorite scents into one of the most fresh-smelling, delightful perfumes I have. The lemon top note is sharp and mingles so well with the white rose that it’s a shame how fast it fades. The scent then settles into a nice white rose base.

I was hoping that the primer might help the lemon top note last longer. It did. I did the same thing as before–one wrist with primer, one without–and the lemon top note stuck around about three times as long with the primer.

So, will I buy this again?

Rating Scale: 

Did you not read the review? Yes, of course. I would spend all of my money on this product!

Yes. I enjoy this product enough to purchase again in the future, especially if it’s on sale.

Meh. Maybe. I mean, I bet there are other, better things out there. I’d use it if someone gave it to me.

No. I won’t use this again and will probably bad-mouth it to others.

Hahahahaha. Nope. Noooooooope. Not even if you paid me to use it.

The Verdict: Did you not read the review? Yes, of course. I would spend all of my money on this product!


The nice part is, I won’t have to spend all of my money on it. At $20 for a 100 ml bottle, this perfume primer will last awhile and it helps my expensive perfumes last longer, too.

You can pick up this primer at a number of places, including C.O. BigelowAmazon, and Lucky Scent.

Will you be trying this perfume primer?

One thought on “Review: Canvas Fragrance Primer

  1. Thanks love your review you gave great detail and the way it was supposed to be done so that I could see the proof !!!!!!!!!!now I’m pumped I ordered this product last week can’t wait


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