Tips and Tricks: Wash off Masks

I didn’t cover them in my skincare routine post, but wash off masks are a fun product to add into your routine. They are used right after cleansing to add a bit of moisture and down time. (Most smell great so it’s a nice treat to sit for a few minutes and relax with some lemon, rose, or honey goo sitting on your face.) Simply spread the mask onto your face, leave for 10-15 minutes, wash off, and proceed with the rest of your routine.

Personally, I have found that while every mask has a different claim–anti-aging, moisturizing, brightening–most masks work to make my skin a bit softer and more hydrated.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to put them on my face or eat them.

I fell in love over the summer and found myself with quite a collection this fall. Unfortunately, as it got colder I realized I was gravitating more toward sheet masks since I could just take them off when I was done without getting up from under my blanket. (Yes, I’m lazy. But I’m also cold. So don’t judge me.)

Then, the cold that had lured me away from wash off masks drew me back to them.

Mornings in the winter are hard. The bathroom is freezing (thanks, old drafty house!), so I crank up the hot water, which of course dries out my skin. (Yes, I could take lukewarm showers but I don’t hate myself. The weather here can easily slip to -20 with wind chills.)

That’s when I realized that I can slap on a wash off mask before stepping into the shower. (I wash my face before with my SW Basics cleanser.) The masks help to protect my face from drying out by creating a moisturizing barrier and giving my skin an added boost of whatever goodness I choose for that morning. It’s like a mini spa every day, which I definitely need before teaching an 8am class.

Best of all, it’s super convenient to wash them off right before I step out of the shower. Win, win, win, amirite?

Listen, friends, my skin needs all of the moisturizing it can get during these harsh winter months, and this is just one method to help with that.

Masks pictured above and where I purchased them:

Fresh Rose Face Mask (Sephora)

Fresh Black Tea Mask (Sephora)

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask (Amazon)

Bonvivant Botanical Clay Masks (Memebox)

Mizon Fresh On Time Lime Mask and Honey Mask (Peach and Lily)

Which wash off masks are you currently loving?


One thought on “Tips and Tricks: Wash off Masks

  1. for me i like doing a face massage like the tanaka kogao? zougan? massage (on youtube) after i do the i’m from honey mask. i do have to add oil on top of the mask before i do the massage to prevent friction


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